Creamy Spoon French Bistro is the cumulative result of more than 30 years of Chef Josette LeBlond’s creative exploits, the need for one of California’s hottest growing cities to have a fine French Bistro, as well as the tireless work of our architects, designers, menu advisers, food critics and photographers alike, from Italy to France, Spain to the USA. And Love. Lot’s of Love!

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World Renowned French Chef

Let us introduce you to a beautiful dynamo, French-born Chef Josette LeBlond, owner-founder of Normandie Country Bakery and Bistro that has now expanded into an interconnected network of chic eateries throughout Los Angeles and Paris. A whirlwind of energy, Josie fits the description of “the Betsy Johnson of the Food World” – effortlessly creative beyond belief with youthful energy - “Because cooking is my life”--laughs the Chef.

In 1985, Chef LeBlond started Normandie Country Bakery as the first manufacturer of fine French foods in Los Angeles. By 1988, Chef LeBlond expanded the Normandie line to include a wholesale bakery that produces 2,500 baguettes a day, as well as many types of croissants, pastries, cakes, pies and breads.

In 2017, Chef Josette took over Maison Richard French Restaurant and Bakery, renaming to Chef Josette at Normandie. With this new endeavor, Ms. LeBlond took on the challenge of revamping such a culinary icon of Los Angeles that was Maison Richard, (and France, too) while carefully maintaining tradition and adding a touch of her own sparkle. The final piece of the puzzle for this empire of sweet and savory is the newly opened Creamy Spoon French Bistro, establishing new standards of elegance and opulence.

World famous Chef Josette LeBlond has earned the title as a celebrity chef woking with such pioneers as Wolfgang Puck and Emeril Lagasse, catering for Sophia Loren, The CBS Channel, The Beverly Hills Hotel & The Golf Club, LOEWS, The Ritz Carlton Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Beats By DRE (now owned by Apple), Sunset Marquis Hotel, Elton John's Aids Foundation, just to name a few. Now that we have your attention, let us turn the page together and introduce you to the flagship of more than 30 years of culinary masterclass that is Chef Josette.

Creamy Spoon French Bistro by Chef Josette

Chef LeBlond is dedicated to offering authentic French food and baked goods. After successful enterprises with Normandie Country Bakery, the line expanded to Chef Josette at Normandie, (formerly Maison Richard) a Restaurant with tradition, newly invigorated by it's acquisition by Chef Josette, as well as the newest and most glamorous of our locations, Creamy Spoon French Bistro in Glendale.
The historic Glendale Hotel, (pictured to the left) one of the most famous landmarks in Glendale, started renovation in 2016. As part of this facelift, Creamy Spoon became the first enterprise to start construction towards the renaissance of this local icon. The conceptualization phase began in 2016 with architects working on the interior layout of Creamy Spoon French Bistro, striving for new heights of luxury, while maintaining as much of the historical heritage as possible.

After mapping and construction, the designing phase began. Designers from Italy worked on the elegant and unique displays at Creamy Spoon. Local and European designers toiled tirelessly on the creation of every inch of wall, floor, and ceiling space, with meticulous attention to each and every accessory, decor, artwork, lighting fixture, color theme, etc. Come see for yourself!